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Womens Race Practice

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As a member of Women Advancing Freedom, you'll get the tools, training and resources to help you learn more about the issues you care about. You will meet and network with like-minded individuals that share your conservative principles and values. You'll also hear from guest speakers, interact with lawmakers and receive timely action alerts that inform you on how and when you can influence the political process and support a cause you’re passionate about.  Your membership gives you voting rights in our club. 

             Membership is an annual fee of $40.00

($10 local club/$10 State club/$20 National Club)

Associates $20 (Men and other club members)


Ready to become a member? 

Simply submit the short form (to the right), type in

"I want to become a member" and our Membership Committee will reach out to you.  We accept checks and cash only. Checks should be made out to Southwest Conservative Republican Women or SWCRW. 

Please click the "I want to subscribe" box to be added to our email list, as well. 

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